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TomBlissFit gives you a detailed insight into what you can become and provides you with a platform to launch your own campaign towards a better physical performance.

Through the sharing of relevant health, fitness & performance content TomBlissFit aims to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and arm you with the necessary tools to hit and surpass your carefully considered and tailored goals. 

Founder Tom Bliss is a high level athlete with international & professional rugby experience. With a significant amount of knowledge on training, nutritional & psychology applications he is able to deliver high end, bespoke services to you whatever stage of fitness you are at/sport you play.


Are you ready for your highest performance ever? 


There’s no doubt Tom is as good as any trainer I’ve worked with in cricket, the off-season conditioning program he devised was second to none. He understands your individual needs, sets plans and executes them meticulously. His experience playing top level sport shows, and he thoroughly understands the various elements of training at the highest level. Most importantly he’s a great bloke which makes you enjoy each and every session. His tailored training is exactly what you want and need; you will not be disappointed!
— Sam Billings - Professional Cricketer for Kent & England